Little Tid Bits

yea thats me making a weird face again.  doi.
hey! thats me!

So I stole this from France, FTW who stole it from Just a Titch who stole it from Kapachino. Nice. Stealing. Also, the red headed rad lady from France, FTW just commented on my blog recently and I checked out her blog and I decided she is a rare treasure in the blogging world. Check out her blog and recognize the radness she is.

Anyway, heres one of those listy things I completed just for you.

Current Books: A Kierkegaard Anthology chock full of Kierkegaardian goodies. I am reading his journals right now and I feel like I could die in a romantic stupor indused by his writings about his love for miss Regina. Oh Lordy... He's so intense. Get me one of those. Here are a few lines from his journal:
"...I asked her to play me something as she usually did. She did so; but that did not help me. Then suddenly I took the music away and closed it, not without a certain violence, threw it down on the piano and said: "Oh, what do I care about music now! it is you I am searching for, it is you whom I have sought after for two years."
Moorea swoooooooooons.. aaand falls to the ground.

Current Playlist:

Club 8.

you should listen to all their other music on their myspace too. "Whatever You Want" is an extremely catchy song.

Current Guilty Pleasure: hey man, no guilt. I own it. And one little number I am not ashamed of LOVING is Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man". Seriously, you should love this. Reasons: 1. her voice is so powerful and awesome. 2. this smokey vintage sexiness of this video is awesome. 3. i love vintage pinup style. 4. this whole album is awesome.

Current Color: uuuum, I just like all colors. Maybe grey blue with a muted magenta and brown. together. forever.

Current Drink: Rooibos African Red tea. nom nom nom.

Current Food: Anything with pumpkin. Duh. Tis the season. And squash.

Current Favorite Show: freakin' Planet Earth! Is it a tv show? tv special? Whatever, it's all I want to watch. But i can't watch the instances where animals die. It makes me sad and then I feel like i'm going to barf.

Current Wishlist: another job so I don't have to live pay check to pay check. and maybe a love as intense as Kierkegaard's. Or maybe that would be too overwhelming.

Current Needs: huh. I can't think of anything. Maybe air? Nah, I have that already.

Current Triumphs: Building giant sculptures. Yep, I help make this. For reals. I LOVE MY JOB.

building paper scuptures for John Grade.  woop.

Current Bane Of My Existence: hairy legs. I don't care about shaving my legs regularly. I don't like the look of hairy legs on me but laziness totally wins out in this duel. If I were a hairy beast woman maybe I would care more. But meh. And I usually wear tights or pants that cover my legs anyway so who cares about shaving? Maybe if I had a boyfriend I would be motivated to shave my legs or something. Eh. I'll think about shaving my legs today I guess.

also, my toaster over just caught on fire a few minutes ago thanks to my toast and exploded. nice.

Current Celebrity Crush: can I say a celeb from the philosophical world?

Kierkegaard. duh.

ok... and Ryan Gosling. )@(*$&@#%$^@# melt.

Current Indulgence: daydreaming/dreaming. man, my imaginary world is pretty great.

Current Blessing: everything. especially the sunshine outside right now.

Current Slang: FOOL! does that count?

Current Outfit: oh... embarrassing. pjs. it's a lazy day alright? but later I shall don my toaster costume. wait what the hell? the irony the irony! My real toaster just exploded a few minutes ago and I was planning on being a big cardboard box toaster for halloween. This could be a bad sign. Last year I got in a car accident on halloween.

Current Excitement: music. I literally feel like I am deep in love when I hear a really good song and usually I tear up a bit. what a bag of emotions. sheesh.

Current Mood: despite toaster explosion, I'm feeling happy cozy drowsy.

Current Link: so cooooool: http://performa-arts.org/


Anonymous said...

Aww! Thanks for your lovely compliments! You're a gem.
I cannot wait to go out in my costume tonight. I'm going as Falcor from the Neverending Story. You're going as a TOASTER?! Awesome. And ditto on the hairy legs comment. Srsly who cares this time of year? I gave up as soon as September hit.

Allie said...

Eeek, I might have to use this. I LOVE this kinda stuff.