Here's What I Did Last Week

Last week we installed the latest project we've been working on for the past few months. Here's the stop motion video of the process. 15,000 photos compiled by Ian Gill, one of my friends and co-artist's assistant. Ya dig? If you'd like to see this in real life (It is far more fascinating and powerful in person) you should come to the grand opening of the new Bellingham Modern Art Museum. I love John's work, and I love getting to help bring it to fruition.

Bloom: The Elephant Bed Install (long version) from Ian Gill on Vimeo.

watch for the little funny things we tried to do with the stop motion-yness.


Square Peg Guy said...

I can only imagine that the exhibit must look amazing in person. I could get only the first three minutes of the video. It was enough to see one person "swim the back-stroke" around on the floor. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Ian Gill said...

This video has 450 views on this page so far. Wow.