Ladies Makin' Sweet Stuff

ok. This is one of the few times I have really really really felt interested in an internship. There are tons of internships for designers, but not as many obvious ones for fine artists. I already work for an artist, so that is sort of like an internship. But it is more like i'm an apprentice, or like I am a contractor.

This is an internship I am totally diggin' though. I found this video, of a project done through this particular organization, through one of my favorite past professors, Gala Bent. And through the video I found the organization Women's Studio Workshop.

awesoooome, right?
books/paper are 2 of my favorites things.

oh ps, speaking of the ever so talented Gala Bent, one of her pieces was just featured on the cover of the Stranger! Seattle's favorite magazine.


emme said...

ok. that video just filled my heart with so much longing. beautiful.

Marvin said...

books and paper....... very awesoooome in fact! lol! impressive as well....... the music was pretty rad as well....... speaking of which....... please don't kill, hate, or sue me....... i sort of....... remixed a few of your songs, two to be exact. check your emails for reference.......i promise, i will delete them at your command.......cross my heart.

Anonymous said...

wow this looks amazing.