Bows and Flows

Good news, I finally made some goodies for the Etsy shop that are affordable for everyone!

Hair Adornments!

I'm a fan of pretty things, how about you? Here are some affordable, pretty and lovingly made little adornments for your hair!

Earthy Warm
Dark Ochre
Winter White Lace
Pretty In Pink
Emerald Deer
hope you like them!

ps, I also think I have decided on a new name for the shop...now to do some redesigning of the banner, come up with a color palette, a new logo, and make some cards for giving out. I'll let you know when its time for the big reveal!


I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

adorable bows
they're lovely <3

Allie said...

These are great! Keep it coming, lady!

Anonymous said...