Childhood Christmas Songs


I have some musical gifts for you. When I was little, lets estimate around age 8, I had two favorite Christmas tapes.
One was a tape of cats singing Christmas songs. Awesome. It was called Jingle Cats "Meowy Christmas."
The other was a compilation of the most ridiculous Christmas songs you have ever heard. I do believe it was "Dr Demento's Greatest Christmas Novelty Tape."

Here are a few personal favorite songs that were on Dr Demento's album.

Ok, we can't leave out the Jingle Cats. I thought this song was so funny when I was little. My poor parents had to endure such torment. Also, this video is triiiippy weird.


Allie said...

The Jingle Cats made me nearly die laughing. And oh my goodness, my Uncle got a Best of Dr Demento CD for Christmas! What a coinky-dink!

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

cute songs :)
and I hope you're having a lovely Christmas and I wish you great 2010