Comrades, Partners, Pals, Artists Unite!

Where do you find other artists? Where do you find not only other artists, but artist who have a similar aesthetic as you? Where do you find artists with a similar aesthetic as you who want to collaborate? I'm feeling a rittle bit ronrey this week. Silly me. I want inspiration to motivate me to work on art and things to put in my etsy shop! I want inspiration to pursue being a freakin real artist, a creator, and crafter. And I want a partner in crime. All that being said, I basically want an artistic partner in crime, preferably of the male persuasion. If that is never meant to happen then Lordy just give me some buddies who want to create and who will teach me and who will let me teach them. Give me motivated artists to be around. I don't really have any artist friends.
I have always really admired the incredibly talented couple who make up Somethings Hiding In Here. I've posted about them before, but I just have to say it again, they are awesome. I love their style, all of the things they create are so beautiful made and quirky and unique. I love their color palette. I admire how they really understand the business side of what they do while also obviously being so in love with just simply creating beautiful things.

One thing I love about blogging is that I get to find inspiration in ways I wouldn't be able to so easily outside of the internet. I love that I get to meet new friends who inspire me with what they create, what they see, what they love, what they think about. Not really any of my real life friends blog, and most think that blogging is stupid or they just don't understand why I love it.

Let me say, the amount of creatives who are also kind hearted, not snobby, are genuine and inspiring are far greater in the blogging world than in real life. All the artists I meet in real life are... well, actually I rarely if ever meet artists my age. I rarely meet people in real life who have a similar aesthetic as me. None of my best friends are artists. I want to be around people who are serious about what they make, but who have humor in what they do, they don't take themselves too seriously. People who are understanding and encouraging and who love to share, love to create in collaboration.

Do crafty artists, people who love the delicate and handmade, hire interns ever? I just need to be around people who understand my style, who dig it, and who will encourage it and further me in artistic progression. I need support and motivation. Most of the time I don't feel like people take me seriously. I have a sort of whimsical aesthetic and I think people presume I am just silly or superficial because if it. I hate that. I just love what I love. I do love silly sorts of things, but why is that so bad? Cant I take silly things seriously? I seriously love silly and serious things. Sillyeriously. Artists who like quirky things like Somethings Hiding In Here, where are you? Come out and play with me! Lets make stuff!


Ian Gill said...

I like there stuff, super simple and clean, I was just thinking of making some wooden rings. I am planing on opening my etsy store in about a week or so. There are about 4 necklaces I am working on plus a few items I made long ago that I think I will put on there. Also I think it would be fun to collaborate something with you.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand you there. I may not be an artist, but I use craft/art blogs to get inspiration for craft projects and general happiness.

I feel like I don't get enough credit for loving blogging as much as I do. None of my real friends blog ('cept Kyla) and don't understand why I love it, or find it silly when I ask them to take a photo of me for my posts. It's okay, though. Some people get it, and some don't.

midori said...

I'm a girl and married but I like making stuff too! We can get together and make something!!
I'm finally ready to open my etsy store. I wanna know what you think about my shoe clips.

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

nice to see a post about art :)
I use deviantART as well as my own blog. I like making collages, taking photos, manipulating pictures digitally and writing poetry.
It's always lovely and inspiring
to come across other artists.

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