I Do Not Jest

I love Christina Aguilera. Yes. I am not too proud to say it. Actually, you know what, if I could scoot myself lower on the scale of 1 to Hipster, I'd be happy to have Xtina bring me back down to normal life ever so slowly inching away from the End of Civilization. Anyway, I am a big fan of her sass and unwillingness to not be anything but herself. Sometimes her style sucks ass, ok...pretty often it sucks ass, but sometimes its cute cute cute.

For example:
Totally scary. Yes.

But, check it.
Cutie McCute-Cute? Yes. Look at that fresh face and adorable hair

All this to say, I am considering chopping my bangs shorter...Like right now.
I also dyed my hair darker a few days ago. Can you tell I am just antsy for change? When I start altering my hair, thats when you know I need some adventure that is more exciting that hair changes.


Margaret said...

I love her! Her voice is amazing. She really has talent. And her hair is too cute short like that!

midori said...

Wow! I didn't know. I like her too! I don't usually say it out loud like you. But she is cute and a good singer. I differentiate her from other pop singers b/c she can really sing!

Steph said...

No shame in liking her, even if she is a litle scary sometimes. She looks cute as heck in the 1st pic!