Jaffrey and Dan

My adorable friend Jaffrey recently was married to a lovely Mr. Dan who is in the band Sherwood. Their wedding was SO gorgeous, oh my gosh. It was kind of a mixture of midsummer night's dream and a sort of snowy Scandinavian theme. Basically magical. I did Jaffrey's hair for the wedding and I really love what we came up with. She is Norwegian and loves all things Scandinavian so we decided that i braid around her head would be really great. And snowflakes and wintery-wonder sorts of things were popping up everywhere in her decorations so she decided that she'd love some sort of snowflake accessories in her hair.

This girl is so creative, I can't even tell you. For the hair accessories that you will see in the photos below, we used some christmas ornaments that looked like snowflakes, cut them into pieces and then I pinned them into her hair in an elegant way. Didn't it end up looking so pretty? I love it. And I love them.

Check our Jaffrey's photography here.
Check out Dan's music here.

See more photos by Christecca Photography here!


Margaret said...

I love Jaffrey. Adore her! She's so wonderful! I just saw her wedding photos and I was in awe. So beautiful. You did a wonderful job with her hair:)

All things Scandinavian are good!

Anonymous said...

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