New Name

Hey there lovelies!
I'm finally felling busy! Yay! And in the spirit of feeling busy, feeling good, feeling motivated, and loving Etsy, I want to revamp my Etsy shop...major. Right now this is what my banner in my shop looks like:


Now, I still kinda dig it. But I think I need a more quirky name for my shop other than...my own name. Boring. And I think it needs more color, seeing as I will be adding a lot more color into the shop with my new hair accessories I have been making! (Those will be revealed very soon. and good news, they'll be only $5 and $8!)

Heres how I need your help:
Do you have any ideas of what I should rename the shop? I was thinking about the name "Bows and Flows" after a line from Joni Mitchell's song "Both Sides Now." What do you think? Yea/Nah?
I need something that feels whimsical, can possibly incorporate book necklace ideas and bows and girly things. Or maybe doesn't even mention books or bows. Maybe a title with animals? "Monkey and Bear" maybe like Joanna Newsom's song? I'm kind of obsessed with bears... And I love Joanna Newsom.

Do you like either of these name ideas?


Ian Gill said...

Bear With Me Designs? It has bear in the title. Or Moorea Seal Designs works well, it is generic but works well with any style or material you are working with now or in the future.

Gae said...

I like "Bear With Me" also.

midori said...

I like names like " & ".
My favorite band's name was "Judy & Mary". They are no longer together though...
Anyway, pick something easy to remember. I like "Bear With Me".