Ok Alright...

Well, I was going to just pick a new name for the shop but I appreciate your advice so I'm going to enlist your opinions again.

I've narrowed down some ideas for my Etsy shop title, and here they are. Tell me which one you like the sound of the best. With the words just rearranged slightly, I feel like it takes on different meanings or at least implies different things. Thoughts?

The Belle and Bear
The Belle and the Bear
Belle and the Bear
Belle and Bear
Belle Bear
La Belle Bear
Belle et la Bear
La Belle et Bear
The Bear and Belle
The Bear and the Belle

combination of Bird and Bear


The Dainty Bear
The Delicate Bear


Bird and Bear Boutique
Belle and the Bear Boutique

Hmm... looks like I'm floundering for words.


Mike Posey said...

Why Belle? Why Bear?

Moorea Seal said...

mmmm... because Belle means pretty, and my shop leans toward the pretty rather than the grotesque. and bear...well, i just love bears, and i don't want to shop to just be "pretty pretty" but have a little tough in there too.


I dont know, i am really picky with words. and every choice is sucking.

More word choices:
flighty feather

also i like alliterations.
i don't want the word choices to misdirect the potential customer. i need something moderately girly, that has a hint of tough or independent something, nothing too baby-ish.


Allie said...

The Belle and Bear Boutique?

Ian Gill said...

You could just go all french. L'Ours belle, the beautiful bear. Although L'Ours looks alot like lolrus.

Anonymous said...

i vote "tickle me whimsical."

or totally french.
the french word for whimsical is lunatique.
the lunatique boutique?

i like whimsical.

Anonymous said...

I really love Belle and the Bear

Mike Posey said...

They kinda sound like pubs to me...I'd buy a Speckled Hen from The Belle and the Bear, but not a bangle. And, if it's in all French, some may be confused, not knowing French, and just move on to the next shop. I suggest: Beauty and the Bear. A play on the obvi that incorporates your vibe. What do you think?
PS. Are you even French?

Moorea Seal said...

what about "the whimsy treasury"...?

Mike Posey said...

Do you mean "whimsy" as an adjective describing the kind of treasury you offer, or as a noun, meaning you SELL whimsy?

Moorea Seal said...


something that is in its nature fanciful and playful. and containing a magical essence of whimsy. a two in one deal.

Mike Posey said...

Ok cuz the form of whimsy as a noun is whimsy, but as an adjective it's whimsical. ...but that probably only matters to someone who corrects correspondence for a livin', namely, myself. So...yeah. Do whatever the hell you want. I've said my piece. But i'll ask again, are you French?

Anne Elysabethe Barkett said...

i like the first two!