Oooh! Ring a Ling and Ling

Ok, these rings are incredible. I am a ring fanatic. Its bad. I don't like spending money ever, mostly because I have NOTHING to spend, but the one thing that can always drive me to temptation is an especially unique ring. These rings are perfect.
If I were to ever get married I would never get a traditional diamond ring. I don't like diamonds. And I'm generally un-enthused by just about all traditional simple looking rings. But these are just incredible. They are simple, but really really clever. I especially like the idea of, if I had a staple ring, that ring containing both gold and silver so I can stack some gold or silver rings beside or on top of the sweet staple ring.
I have an ever growing ring collection I should probably photograph and show all of ya. But its at home in Seattle and right now I am not there. I'm in the motherland. I love home home so much.

Cubeoctahedron Ring
by Cuaderno Bandada

Karis Rockwell Ring
the beside


Allie said...

Gorgeous! Wahh, I wanna ring.

Ian Gill said...

I have about 20 rings I need to finish. I like the idea of setting a piece of metal rather then a stone. hmmmm... I never liked working with stones, I might have to steal that idea.