Reading List

I have 3 stacks of books next to my bed at home in Seattle. Its been the same pile of books for the past 3 months and I haven't finished any of them. I don't feel particularly motivated to finish any of them. They are all really great books and I feel like I should be motivated to finish at least one of them, but I'm not. They are on subjects such as: philosophy, art, art history, psychology, sociology, and then a few novels are piled in there too. I care about all these things and am interested in all these things, but I have no drive to read any of these books They are great books, why don't I want to read?

I'm frustrated with myself obviously. Maybe I need to find a new reading subject? I want something with depth, something applicable. I don't want self help stuff, I don't want a fantasy novel or romance novel, I don't want a book that I can set down and forget about.

Maybe I need to read something along the lines of Into the Wild. I loved that book. I don't have many books on nature, though I love nature. Maybe I need books on other religions outside of my own. I choose to follow Christianity and would mostly consider myself a...well, still not sure what denomination, Anglican/Episcopalian I guess. But my dad was a world religions professor at one point along his career path and has an incredible wealth of information and insight to many religions. I grew up with not just with an awareness of the Christian faith but of other religions too, most specifically Buddhism and Judaism. Perhaps I would find a lot of value in reading about other religions and other cultures.

I used to love reading, but for the past few months its been so hard for me to get myself to read. Ideas anyone?


Margaret said...

I've been struggling with my reading as well... What I have to do is set time aside just for reading. It kind of forces me to sit down and open the book I had been reading. Then it helps me get into a habit of reading again:)

Jody Dailey said...

Oh my dear, I am in the same sad sad situation. But, I recently purchased East of Eden. A handful of people have suggested I read it over the past few years. If you want a book that will stick with you then I would suggest the following:

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
by Johnathan Safran Foer

It's an adorable story and I recommend it to just about anyone.

Also, if you're into something slightly creepier but beautifully written, then I would suggest Geek Love, by Catherine Dunn. One of the only books I've read twice.

Happy reading!