Wish List

my friend Allie just posted her Christmas wishlist on her blog, so I thought I'd do the same!
I'm pretty practical when it comes to the whole present exchange thing for Christmas. I don't really care about presents. But if someone reaaaally wants to give me something, I'd prefer it be practical rather than sentimental or frivolous.
This year, I asked for a rock climbing gym membership so I can go bouldering. I really miss climbing, I need a routine exercise that gets me out of the house but does mean that I have to be in the Seattle rain while I work out. And I hate workout gyms. I just love climbing. And heights freak me out and give me an adrenaline rush, so bouldering is a perfect challenge for me. No harnesses, not too dangerous, but still just enough scary to get my blood pumping.
My dad also managed to find some super cheap snow shoes online. I recently realized that snow shoeing is AWESOME. Its like hiking, but better, because its like you are hiking in Narnia. Magical hiking. what more could I ask for.
He also found a really inexpensive external hardrive so now my computer won't explode from having 5,000 songs on it, way too many photos, and tons of other crap.
I don't want anything else. Well maybe a new camera lens, but no one can afford that right now. And a watch would be practical, but don't need it if i have my cell phone handy. And globes are cool, but don't necessarily need them. And I like snow. the end.

christmas wishlist


E.Hennessy said...

oh, rock climbing membership. How I miss thee.

KT Barnes said...

your picture up top is BEAUTIFUL!

Allie said...

Magical hiking. You crack me up!