Bang Bang. HELP!

Ok, its official. After having bangs for over a year, I'm sick of them. Sure, I'm ok with people saying I have the Zooey Deschanel thing going because duh Zooey is the cutest. But actually, I'm kind of sick of the "cute" look and would rather get a little more sophisticated. I have a lot of vintage clothes, so the hair I have right now kinda matches most of what I wear. But I'd like to move into a more architectural stage, more sophisticated, chic if you will.
Basically, I wish my bangs would head south for an extended vacation. Maybe I'd kinda like my hair to go back to its natural color. Maybe I'd like to have medium length hair or even super short hair again. I just mostly want the bangs gone.

For some reason, the other night at an extremely polite and tame party at my house, a lot of people were complimenting me on my hair. I didn't understand why because it looks exactly the same as it has for at least 6 months. Bangs. Really long. Dark. Naturally stick straight. When I get fancy, all I do is blow dry my hair as opposed to letting it just dry naturally. I don't even brush my hair. What a lazy bum.

What I do love about my hair, exactly how it is right now, is that it is so damn easy. I do nothing, not even touching it after I get out of the shower, and it looks good and pulled together for the rest of the day. I can braid it in a crazy cool braid wrapped around my head if I so choose. But that rarely happens. I can put it up in a bun which is so easy peasy and it looks nice. The bangs cover my big forehead. Its just easy. And I never fidget with it. I don't even have to look in the mirror. I don't even have to think about it.

Also, I think, like my glasses, I can hide behind my hair.

Uh oh, bad realization. I let the hair wear me, not me wear the hair. Shoot. Also, this hiding behind the glasses thing that I have had going since I was 14 maybe needs to end. As well as that, in becoming so care free about investing time in my appearance and enjoying not putting any daily effort into how I look has also made me really lazy. I can look trendy or stylish without any effort just because of how my hair is fashioned. I need to be proud of myself rather than purposefully make it so that people focus merely on how I fashion myself. I avoid letting people see ME me. I don't like attention.

Maybe I need to work on that. I get scared of people seeing ME, but am ok with them quickly looking at, and quickly passing over, what my outsides project. I expect people to not want to invest in me, acknowledge me, get to know me. Maybe I am letting myself give in to the complacent personality of Seattle. Bad! Not good! Not true to me!

I think it is time for a haircut. A challenge. A change.

maybe like this, or this again? well... if I could go back to my natural color + highlights and bangs growing out... hmm, I dunno.

maybe even like this for now while my bangs/color grows out?

katie and moi 4 years ago & girl who is not me, but whose hair i like.

I mostly miss my long, natural colored hair with no bangs and a part down the middle.

I don't know.
Advice? Opinions? Have any haircut photos you think I should look at as an option?
I want to feel my age. 23. Right now I feel too young and timid. Where did my sass go?
I don't want to go too trendy. But I need some spice in my life.


Kyla Roma said...

I'm trying to figure this out right now too, and it's tough. If you have a good stylist, I might just meet with them and see what they have to offer for advice. I love how your hair looks mid length and blonde-ish though! So sweet!

But I sympathize. I had long brown hair and straight bangs, and then literally within a two week period all of my girl friends got the exact same hair cur. It was so weird, so I just cut mine short lol

I'm going in on Thursday, so...we'll see what happens. I'm excited to see what you do though! We should just swap. Can we arrange that? lol

Anonymous said...
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Allie said...

I'm in a hair-funk as well. I need a change. :(

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

you're very pretty and lovely
and you should go with a classic sophisticated old fashioned bob
or Anna Karina look <3

Cheryl said...

I used to do that, hiding behind my bangs and my glasses. It's a scary thing, letting others really see who you are.

You have a gorgeous face. It would look nice no matter your hair style, but as I Might Be Wrong said, an old fashioned bob sounds like what you're going after.

bonnieKate said...

you should totally do the short bob to let that natural color come back! I like the stock photo you posted.

also - you're worth it! :)

Lovely White Things said...

you cannot go wrong with the natural color, lots of layers, and swoopy bangs. I cut my hair short every now and then and end up mission my long wavies shortly after.

And you know that weird stage when your bangs are just driving you nuts?! Well, that's when you go to your stylist for a FREE bang trim or just find a cute way to pull them back.

Where do you get your hair cut? I go to Josh at Aria on 13th & Pine. He would encourage you to have a vision for your hair and has lots of good advice.

Good luck, Moorea!

Moorea Seal said...

thanks for the advice kiddos.
leslie: i cut my own hair. i don't think ive had it professionally cut in like 3 years. yipes.

Anonymous said...

The last photo you posted is one of my favourites. I like the style where you part it in the middle, and only certain people can get away with that. I would also recommend cutting your bangs super short if you feel like they're too kiddy. Sometimes that makes you look less of a doll.
Good luck with your decision!