Miss Kyla

My sweet friend Kyla just redesigned her wonderful blog, and I dig it.
Kyla is one of my most favorite bloggers. She writes honestly with such elegance and always has things to say that feel relevant. Her words are encouraging and eye opening, she is wise beyond her years. And on top of the incredible brains she has hiding inside of her head, she is equally as creative and endearing. She is a huge inspiration to me and is one of rare and treasured members of the secret organization of people I feel most similar to/living a life I would love to live one day.
She is a independent lady with a love for black tea, her puppies, and her hubby and resides on the prairie. Her work experience is so wide, spanning lots of areas that I have considered entering. And I am thankful to have all of her thoughts on such endeavors up on the web for me to read so I can re asses my own considerations. No matter what you yourself are concerned with, or what you think about most often, Kyla probably has something to say about it too. So hop on over there! You'll be so glad you did.
ps, she just added me to her blog roll where I share the company of some other really fantastic bloggers. You should check out those other creative and friendly folk too!


Kyla Roma said...

MOOREA! Thank you so much! I just about shouted "WHAT?!" in the middle of starbucks when I hit the "next post" button in my reader and saw by picture! lol

Thank you so much for the sweet complements, you're amazing and I'm excited for us to meet one day. You're an amazing soul and it's an honour to be your bloggy friend <3

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

I enjoy her blog a lot too :)