My First Car


So part of my new years resolution is about getting focused, growing up, organizing myself, and taking responsibility. Well, lets be honest, most of my new years resolution list has to do with all that growing up business. One wonderful thing that is aiding me in pulling myself together this year is... dat duh duh daaah, my first car!

it looks something like this...
just kidding.

I have always thought that I would either never have a car or just get one if I ever get married and have kiddos when I am older. But thanks to extremely loving and generous grandparents who can no longer drive, I have a freshly donated little car that I have named Bootsie. I am thrilled. And I think having the car will motivate me to work harder so I can save money for car stuff and living blabla, goals, blablabla.


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Wow that's so awesome! I have had 2 cars, both almost the exact same model, and loved them both. I ended up selling them both for the same reason. Insurance was way expensive (it's a lot more in Canada than there) and I needed rent money.
But I did get a lot of great times out of both! You should have a goal to explore one new place in the city a week. I did that, and sometimes ended up 2 hours from home. It was all worth it.