Today To Do Ta Da!

I have my list of things I need to do today, one of which is "need to go to the doctor so I can beat this cold before it turns into Bronchitis." Someone sweet is coming to visit me in a week, less than a week, 6 days! And I want to NOT be sick when said person arrives. Beep, Bap, Boop, I'm excited. I need to make some money so I can go visit said person in another month or so. Is it obvious yet that there is a boy involved? I'm real good at keeping secrets, but I'll at least let you in on knowing that there is someone. Said person shall remain anonymous. And said person shall not be blabbered about all up in this business because personal life is personal life and I like some privacy. But the facts are, I dig someone and he digs me. WIN.

Ok, so, Today's To Do Ta Da list.

1. Find a doctor, call him, and have him cure me of all all illnesses forever. Or at least the cold. Actually, you know what? I'm feeling a lot better than I did when I first woke up. Maybe I can kick this with my own boot rather than paying a fancier boot to kick it.
2. Work on jewelry and doo dads for my Etsy shop which I will then post in the shop, TOMORROW! Woop!
3. Clean the bathroom. Meh.
4. Drop off dolla billz at the bank.
5. Write my roommate a check for our GIANT utilities bill. double Meh.
6. Take photos of Etsy doo dads.
7. Finish the last bits of organizing and cleaning in my room. Driving me insane.
8. Do a What I Wore Today drawing for yesterday and today.
9. Work on some illustrations for the Etsy shop. wooo, new items! (hint: I'm going to have some Valentines Day items so get ready for that!)
10. Sing along with Ryan Adams. I loved him in high school and suddenly this week, I've been getting back into him. WIN again.

...also, did you know that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore are married? So weird. I love Ryan man, he is SO talented. But Mandy Moore? I'd have to argue that all things she has attempted in music and acting have kinda sucked. Bleh. Well, maybe she has a bubbling personality and is super nice.

I couldn't find my favorite songs of his, but these are great too. And I think that David Letterman really likes him because there are a bajillion performances of him on Letterman.

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