The Ultimate New Years Resolution List

Well, here they are. The long awaited most intense set of New Years Resolutions ever. I think that they kind of go beyond just resolutions for 2010 and maybe need to just remain important things for the rest of my life. But for now, we’ll just say they are goals for this year. Hope you find something relate-able in my crazy list!

New Years Resolutions 2010

1. Prioritize!

a. Learn how to structure yourself and force yourself to even do things that you don’t want to do. Suck it up woman! Geeze.

2. Don’t be afraid of commitment.
Make efforts to commit to things, even if you are scared. Don’t over think the outcome, just work hard and give it your all.

a. Etsy. WORK HARD. Set a work schedule.

i. Set a goal for each month/the year.

ii. Budget

iii. Create an identity

iv. Follow the steps. Do it. And be awesome.

b. Nanny, put in your all. Be thankful for the kids who are so much fun to nanny. Deal with it when it’s hard and always think positively. Remember it pays the best and as a 23yr old needing to pay off loans, you NEED MONEY!

c. Believe in love, and don’t run away. Until you find the person you want to marry, your heart will continually be broken. Thank you to one of my best friend’s husband for reminding me of this. It’s a fact. I don’t want to believe it, but I need to suck it up. Let yourself be ok with the potential of feeling emotional pain. Love and Liking hurts. And when it really feels right, it feels right. Guard your heart, but don’t completely close up. Trust. And be honest with yourself when you just do, or DON’T, dig someone. Trust your intuition.

d. Trust God, that he will protect you. Remember that through the scariest things, God always shows you the most beauty. Don’t avoid that which appears potentially painful. It’s ok to not always be safe. It could be what is best for you.

3. Let yourself be concerned about money.
It’s true that money isn’t everything, but it is also very important to be mature and allow yourself to use money responsibly.

a. Set a budget.

b. Recognize that as you grow older, life does get more expensive. You need to take care of yourself right now, and prepare to take care of yourself in the future.

c. Recognize what you want in the future and realize that you will need money to support that which you will love.

4. Exercise

a. Set a schedule.

b. Rock climb at least 3 times a week. WOOHOO!

c. Yoga/Pilates

d. Run when it’s not ridiculously cold outside.

e. Continue to be happy with your body. Don’t ever let yourself believe that the only thing that boys care about is the body. Some only care about what they can use, this is true. But some care about more, they care about your mind and your heart. And those are the ones you want to date, the ones you want to love, ones that would be worth committing to. Be proud of your all, and let yourself trust. And remember your full value.

5. Be honest with what you truly want.

a. I do want to be married one day. I don’t want to be ashamed of that. And I don’t want to mark a time when that will be best. I don’t want to set an age when I think it would be good to marry. I want to trust that God will direct me when and with whom. I want to trust. I don’t want to succumb to that which everyone else predicts for me. Yes, I am independent. And independent women can get married too, and remain independent to an extent.

b. I do want to have kids. And I want to believe that I will be a good mother. I will be a good mother. I love to love, to nurture, and to love passionately and unconditionally. I am loving. I don’t want to ever lose that.

c. I do love my hometown, and I would be happy to move back there when I am old. I need to own that and not be ashamed of it. I need to not care if old friends would make fun of me or think less of me for simply loving that creative little town.

6. Be Excited about Cooking. Don’t be scared of waste!

a. Cooking good food costs money. So deal with it. Work hard so you can eat well and really enjoy what YOU make!

b. If you fail, you fail. There will always be another meal to try again with.

7. Read at least every other day.

a. Revive your love for reading, expand your mind, and find freedom in what you read.

b. Set a reading schedule.


Allie said...

I'll cook good food with you!!

Anonymous said...


Right on about the loving your body thing. My fiance loves my tummy even when its a little plump. He finds beauty in places that I see as imperfect. It would make things so much harder and be so unfair to him if I refused to accept that he actually finds those imperfections attractive and lovable. I never thought I would find a man who loves me regardless of my flaws, but this love does exist and it begins with God.

Pray continually and have faith. God will take care of the rest. I have found a man that sees me through God's eyes as a beautiful, created woman whose value lies in virtue and faith, which enrich physical attraction. It can be scary and even feel naive to believe that this love exists, but it does. I know this because I am living it!

Trust in God and learn to love yourself and the life you live. If you can find value in a life without such a man, how much more valuable it will be if/when God blesses you with one.

Trust your instincts! They are your most valuable weapon against a broken heart.

God Bless You!

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

a sensible and lovely list
I wish you lots of luck with it
and I can relate to it
btw regards the reading one
I noticed you on goodreads
and your taste is lovely
and I hope we can share/suggest books to read for one another
and I wish you a great 2010
and a lovely weekend <3

Zoe said...

Hay girl, if you ever need me to come over and help you with cooking I'm happy to! I've got some tricks, not a lot but some.

Anonymous said...

Hi hey hi!
I followed your twitter account over to your blog. We are both friends with Allie.
Concerning 2a, I have a lot of experience with Etsy. If you ever want to pick my brain give me a holler. My shop is DanielleDIY.etsy.com. My roommate does a lot of Etsy too.