Valentines Day Card Preview

I finished all my Valentines Day Cards for my Etsy shop!
tomorrow I'll be spending the day with the sweet little baby boy I am nannying and perhaps stopping by kinkos to figure out how much it will cost to print them. Hopefully it will be cheap, so I can sell them for cheap! I plan to have them up in the shop tomorrow night, aka Monday night. so get your coin pockets ready for some spending on love!

Remember, all the profits will go to aid for Haiti.
you'll be able to purchase the cards individually, as a pack of 3 or a pack of 6.
Hope you like them!
Valentines Day Card #5
Valentines Day Card #1
Valentines Day Card #4
Valentines Day Card #3
Valentines Day Card #2
Valentines Day Card #6
tell what you think! I'd love to hear which ones are most popular so I can make more of those items!

ps...by Tuesday I should have some necklaces and earings that will match the chosen card. All profits from these will also go to Haiti.


Kyla Roma said...



These are amazing. All of them. Up and down amazing. I would like to sign up for your summer camp and you can just teach me how to draw and sing, and I'll make jam and and bake for you lol Can we just do that?

andrea said...

I love them all, but my favorites are Chemistry, Wood and Candy. ;)

Margaret said...

I tell Leif all the time he's my favourite book:)