Ah the Window to the Soul

Eyes are the windows to your soul supposedly.
I think you need a good set of window frames and curtains to highlight said soul highlighters. I wouldn't mind a new pair of eyebrows and some sweet new glasses. My glasses are really really boring me, I've had these suckas for way too long.

Tom Ford, your glasses are smokin' hot. I lust. Want. Or maybe this is just a case of perfect advertising. No, great advertising and fantastic glasses combined into one perfect image that makes Moorea want to spend tons of money that she doesn't have.

Also, I wish my hair were naturally black/darkest brown so I could amazing super dark thick eyebrows like these ladys.


Reuben said...

the first image is pretty rad. and so are the frames

Allie said...

Sometimes I wish I could be Dita Von Teese's protege