{ ...and i want... }

all of these outfits, please.

I feel so tempted to just sell every single item of clothing that I own and buy things that are monotone, sleek, fitted, chic and sophisticated.
I love super skinny pants, tall shoes, a loose but elongating blouse and an interesting jacket with tight sleeves. Can I fill up my closet with just these things please?

I did a year long fast from shopping 2 years ago and now it is impossibly hard for me to let myself buy anything. I used to shop like mad, so I do have quite a collection of crazy colorful clothing and shoes. But I have had it all for years, and I want to move into a new phase of life. I need to make a little more money first. Sigh... I can dream.


Allie said...

You should have another sale. I bought some awesome pieces from you a couple years ago!

Moorea Seal said...

good idea girl. maybe i will!

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

pretty! i like the blur sweatshirt with the princess sleeves