{ In Consideration }

this is my "getting ish done!" outfit for today.
and yes, I am probably about 6 feet tall in these crazy heels. (the door frames in our house are tiny!)

I've been really flustered and antsy lately. Can't seem to keep everything in order. All I want to do is stream line everythiiiiiiing. I am considering changing the name of my blog/etsy/twitter to a name I think I finally dig. Its 3 words. Starts with A ends with E. A ________ ________e. Go ahead, take some guesses!

I also want to streamline the look of everything, which I have kind of been messing with for the past few weeks. Nothing has been perfect quiet yet. But after lots of experimenting, I think I may be getting there. I want something fresh and clean, elegant but quirky, simple but with little hints of complexity. I feel like my design aesthetic is, in itself, a ridiculous little diva that loves to torment me oh so very much.

Today, I have a lot to do. And I SHALL prevail! I shall accomplish my goals! I have a busy week ahead and I gotta get my ish together!

1. Clean room
2. Decided if I want to move my "office" set up from the living room into my tiny room.
Benefits of living room: spacious, lots of sunlight. Downside: Always distracted my my
fun roommates, cannot say no to spontaneity. I need discipline...
Benefits of bedroom: moderate sunlight, privacy and a better space to focus in.
Downside: really really small, windows look directly into neighbors' house.
3. Take my iron pills. My anemia is getting bad.
4. Make a budget!
5. Take photos for "Moorea's Wardobe"
6. Edit photos for Etsy shop.
7. Send Donation to Haiti Relief.
8. Pay my roommates for rent, utilities and Scott for being the best wood carver ever.

Get it done myself! Get it done!
And to you my lovely readers, try and guess what my new blog/etsy/everything name is going to be...


Kyla Roma said...

I'm lousy at guessing but am totally interested in what you have up your sleeve =)

Margaret said...

I like your to-do list. I'm interested in this "Starts with A ends with E"!

Max said...

Ashley Moorea Seal...e