Dress Up in the Sky

My friend Justin had a "Mile Hight/Snakes on a Plane" themed Birthday Party last week. Dress up was optional. I was so on it. Dressing up events/costumes are some of my favorite things. Though I never seem to come up with anything good for Halloween. Too much pressure. Spur of the moment airline hostess? On it.

I was a 60s airline stewardess. Pretty good, right?

Do I look like an Airline Stewardess from the 60s?Airline Stewardess Costume.  I'm good.  even made the little gold wings pin.
really pretty vintage hat, right right?
cutie stewardess shoes?Airline Hostess dress up for my friend's "Mile High/Snakes on a Plane" themed party.  yes.


Allie said...

Too perfect!

Margaret said...

You're too cute Moorea:) I love it

Mike Posey said...

...but you and your friend DO know what the mile high club is right...it was featured on Snakes on a Plane...how coincidental?

Kyla Roma said...

Amazing lol