Wishful Wantings Wednesday

{ Velvet Short Shorts }

Oh yummy. Fashion Week. Yum yum yum. First off, let me just say I kind of hate that fall fashion week happens in freakin' February because I want to wear all the new things I see noooooow. Love fall fashion. But, seriously, can I afford any of these things? No. A girl can dream though. Or a girl can wait a year for the knock offs to show up in cheap-o stores.

First off on the list, or more like all I am thinking about right now, are these amazing velvet short shorts that miss Alexa Chung is wearing in the above photo. WANT. I am a huge fan of ye ol' short shorts and chunky heels. If I can't find some knock off velvet shorts within the next few months, I'll have to sew my own.

Velvet shorts again, with a loose long sleeved shirt. WANT. Also, this makes me sad that I don't have my 1 1/2 ago natural colored, parted down the middle hair. My natural color is just a tad bit lighter than this girl's.
Alexa Chung is doing a line for Madwell. And, though I do love me these velvet shorts, and I do love 70's vintage, I will say that I wouldn't call her line "innovative" in anyway. It's basically just reproduction 70's clothing. Might as well just head over to one of the 50 trillion thrift stores that there are here in Seattle. But, if you are into spending a lot of money on pretty vintage inspired clothing that you don't have to search through a thrift store for, then this is the line for you.

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