Fashion Fridays

{ Like Mother Like Daughter }

Can you agree with me on the fact that this mother and daughter duo are the most stylish and incredibly daring package of fabulousness you have ever seen!?! Of all the blogs I have scanned through in my internet life time, I think these lovely ladies just kick everyone else's fashionable booties out of the water. I want to wear EVERYTHING they wear, especially the most outrageous outfits. Ah, thank God for daring women.

Judy has impeccable taste. Perfect. I covet her closet. Those shoes!!! ....sigh...

Jane has the most fun with fashion that I have seen in a long time. Just amazing.

Once again, mother = perfect outfits that suit her to a tee.

daughter = this girl knows how to celebrate her fantastic sense of aesthetics.

I think both Judy and Jane have an incredible eye for fashion, taking it to a level of true art. And on top of that, their perfect eyes know just what suits their age, their body type, their personalities, they just really get it!

One day, when someone hands me a couple million dollars, I plan on dressing just like them. Done.
Check out Judy's blog : Atlantis Home
Check out Jane's blog: Sea of Shoes


Margaret said...

I love reading sea of shoes. She's so adorable.

Roxanne said...

I seriously once spent like 5 hours looking at Jane's blog. Her style is insanely lovely.

Allie said...

Great blogs. These ladies are both darling and daring. Such inspiration.