Music Mondays

{ Aaron Ross }

Holy Crap, Aaron Ross just keeps getting better and better. (Listen to his music here.)
I first started listening to him when I was in high school. His style was super folky, Bob Dylanesque, old timey sounding. And now, at least 6 or 7 years later, he is still whipping out incredible jams. But now they have a way more distinct and kooky sound. I mean, look at the cover of his latest album Paranormal Attitude. If you like folk music, but also love the trippiness of Animal Collective, maybe a dash of Delta Spirit and a a yummy topping of creepy mystery like Dead Man's Bones, then you will adore Aaron Ross's latest album.
Aaron Ross is from my hometown of Nevada City, the most creative/musical/artistic town in the universe. Yes, I will make that statement.
There are 2,000 people inside the city limits and 6,000 up into the Sierra Nevada Mountain. Out of my peer group, we have some really damn incredible musicians such as Joanna Newsom, Alela Diane, Mariee Sioux, Hella, Aaron Ross, Golden Shoulders, The Moore Brothers, good lord there are way way way more. Just go look at After the Goldrush Records. Speaking of, I am sporting an After the Gold Rush Records t-shirt right now. Maybe I should do a "What I Wore Today" drawing. Hm, I'll consider it.

ps, Music Mondays are officially reinstated. Nice.


Emanuel said...

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konner said...

I miss Pocket for Corduroy and Offering to the Sun.

I think I saw Hella at the Vet's Hall the night I got my first ever kiss. Hella- great. Kiss- terrible! Hah.