My Big Cartel Shop

{ Moorea's Wardrobe }

Well look at all these goodies I just put in my digital wardrobe for you! Head over here to snag one of these pretty things for yourself!

I see some outfits developing...


Allie said...

Who's that sexxxay model?? Hee hee. I believe I've worn that sequin beret for a silly girl photo shoot in the ol' Leadership House. Love it.

Margaret said...

Moorea has the best clothes.

And style.

Allie said...

I would LOVE to come over for dinner; I really miss you three.

As for all the other proposals you made in your comment on my blog, YES YES YES YES YES. To all. I'll be your model. And Dotty will to. And I'm sure Stacey will be down. So much fun! I love playing!