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{ My Funny Valentine }

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And my boyfriend is officially the sweetest. I said I wouldn't talk about this ridiculously kind and lovely boy on my blog, but when he is just so damn nice all the time, I just have to. I have to say, this kid is mysteriously softening my heart everyday, encouraging me to be a better me constantly, humbling me with his honest and most sincere kindness towards me. I feel extremely lucky. He has already challenged me in ways I hadn't at first thought necessary. The incredible thing about good relationships is that, even with no conflict, one can be challenged and inspired by the other to recognize ways in which one needs to grow to be a more compassionate and loving person. The beautiful thing about a healthy relationship is that both persons feel safe enough to reveal their fears, and in turn, the other person is understanding and kind enough to remind the worrier that there is always room to grow, change, learn and adapt.

This is my most favorite and memorable Valentines to date. I used to be a really grumpy cynical brat towards the idea of Valentines Day. "Hallmark Holiday" "Why should I just do a nice thing for special someone on just this one day?" "Why should I be expected to be all lovey dovey on this day if I don't want to?" Cynicism is so easy, isn't it? I am so good at being prideful, snobby and stubborn. But having someone so sweet and kind, completely unstubborn and totally genuine helps me remember to just get over myself, let myself feel simple, normal, humble. I have to just let myself accept that I want to feel love, to feel special, to feel lucky. I need to let myself enjoy any opportunity to both give and receive love and sweetness, even if it has potential to be silly/cheesy.


This Valentines Day, I am happy to say that I pushing my cynicism aside and choosing to enjoy and celebrate all the cuteness that Valentines Day has to offer. I like my sweetheart, and he likes me. This the best Valentines Day I have ever had. I mean, the boy freakin' made me an oragami bouquet of flowers!!!! And sent me a tree! How cute can you get. :)

Money Tree


Max said...
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Max said...

This guy sounds like a total wimp! Seriously, who buys a bonsai tree for Valentine's Day?

teacup adventure said...

Thank you for posting this! I completely agree with your sentiments about cynicism, and it was especially needed today.

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Margaret said...

Happy Valentines Day to you Moorea! :) You are so loved!