Slow Down Busy Body

Well, it looks like I am either sick again or my cold has just come out of hiding. It seems that I am really bad at slowing down and resting these days. So today I'm going to force myself to chill out.

I am going to do some last little things that I need to do to cross off my daily list such as finish packaging and mailing Valentines Day Cards from my Etsy shop, (ps, I replenished the shop with more cards.) set some dates in the calendar, do laundry, read my bible, write a letter or two, eat, shower.
I babysit tonight at 7. So if I can just get all the little things done in the morning, I will feel free and relaxed by the afternoon. Oh, I'm so neurotic.

I've developed this daily checklist where I have a bunch of different things that I would like to be doing daily, but if I don't do all of them, that is ok. So when I do one of the things on the list, I cross it off. And at the end of the day I look at it and feel good that I managed to do some of those things that benefit my mental, physical, spiritual, emotional health and benefit my business.

Here is my basic daily list:
  • read bible
  • read/watch news
  • pray
  • take my vitamins & iron for Anemia
  • read a book
  • blog
  • read my pseudo self help sort of book
  • tweet
  • email
  • flickr
If I do a few of those things everyday, I feel like I have accomplished something in at least few aspects of my life. Today will be less internet based stuff, and more physical tangible sorts of stuff.


Margaret said...

I like your checklist

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

Hope you feel better cute lil busy bee. <3