Thought Filled Thursdays

{ Butterflies and Blossoms }

Spring is coming everyone! And I have finally found a little creative inspiration. Wanna see what is catching my fancy and sparking new thoughts this Thursday afternoon?

These photos:

I forget where the first photo is from, anyone know? and of course, the incredible McQueen butterfly hat, my very favorite of his.

These How To/DIYs:

Fringe Necklace from SixSixSick

Butterfly Wreath from Elsie at a Beautiful Mess

I have a few different ideas of spring inspired items flying around my head but I just need to decided on colors. Ah, the hardest part! I have a little assistance from ye ol' color wheel but I'd love to hear from you as well on what colors you are digging for spring!

For some reason, this spring I want to wear a lot of minimalist black, grey and white clothing. But I was some major pops of color in my accessories. Right now I'm digging yellow, turquoise and a creamy orangey pink.

What colors are you desiring to adorn yourself in for spring?

hint: tell me some colors and they may find their way into my Etsy shop!


LD said...

Love the butterflies. Concocted something for a wedding I attended a couple of years ago in a similar style. Though I should note that they're McQueen, Spring '08, not Galliano. Nevertheless: Fanciful and brilliant.

Moorea Seal said...

BAH! i was thinking McQueen and typed Galliano. doi.

Allie said...

Ok, I'm really drawn to no. 7 under "blue violet" on the color wheel... That's just me.

Margaret said...

I think this spring I'll be wearing yellow, of course and some purple. I never liked the color that match but I want to try it out. I really want to move out of my comfort zone. I stick to a lot of really bright colors and I want to try something new!

bonnieKate said...

you would probably enjoy Isabella Blow (RIP). She was a hat designer extraordinaire. http://www.style.com/peopleparties/celebritysearch/person694/