Daydreaming of Lovely Things

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I love these by Grey Likes Weddings
I love these by sruli recht

love this by Assad Mounser

love these by Lisa Grue

Today's plan:
1. Run in the sunshine and try to feel positive and not stagnant. I love Seattle, but I am really ready for a change of scenery...really ready.
2. Go on an inspiration hunt for ideas for my Etsy shop.
3. Do some illustrations.
4. Work on designs to use the crystals I bought recently.
5. Consider adding some color to my hair. maybe a bright color somewhere hidden in the depths of my locks. Or maybe cut my hair.

Man, you know I am feeling stagnant when I get the urge to change my hair dramatically. Oof.

1 comment:

Roxanne said...

I considered chopping my locks but was able to refrain. Perhaps a strip of turquoise in your pretty tresses? Happy weekend!