Drowsy Day


photo by me!

My nose is having an allergy festival and the only guest I invited is Sir Benadryl. He's really the VIP of the whole event. Though, he just is so dreamy that he leaves me in this ridiculously drowsy stupor. It is hard for me to make it through another full day of nannying when he is cooing me into the snuggliest mood. Little darling, and hyper, baby is asleep now. So, for the next hour or so, Benadryl and I get to have a little cozy alone time. Charm me into the most restful state Sir Benadryl, go ahead, I'm all yours.

Usually today is my "Wishful Wantings Wednesday" but I don't want anything more than rest today. I have worked 3 very long long days in a row and today I am exhasuted, stil working, and not excited about all the stuff I need to get done tonight before my 6am flight to San Fransisco. But, I am very excited about the flight itself, the boy is picking me up from the airport, the city, driving home to my family, and all the lovely things that the next few days entail. I'll try to keep up with blogging and etsying too! Well, we'll see what I can handle...

Ps, these quotes are wonderful:
"A Man's errors are his portals to discovery." - James Joyce
"Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking." - Goethe

Pps, I plan on having an awesome post tomorrow about my time in Vancouver on the last day of the Olympics. Photos to come, and mention of my first meet up with a blog buddy!


Anonymous said...

The festival will continue in SF...bring Sir B. along!! (I've got the Duke of Claritin as my guest today). Have a good trip!

Laura B said...

Hi, I just found you through Blaze's blog and love your space here in blogland! I hope you have a lovely trip home.
The course sounds really interesting, and I'm thinking about joining up, are you enjoying it?
Laura x

Anonymous said...

Squee! I'm excited for your post tomorrow! You were my first, too. Did you know? Haha. I hope you feel better and that the babes weren't too much to handle while you were all zonked out.

PixieMuse said...

Woha, what a completely gorgeous photo!! Well done! I love the colours you've achieved, are you good at editing in photoshop?