Mi Casa es Mi Casa

{ Mi Casa...s }

hi. this is my cramped bedroom/workspace/office/confinement.
i like it, but i'd like it more if it were maybe 4 times bigger and/or was not one room but rather 2 or 3 rooms.

mi cramped casa
I like magenta, turquoise, and basically every color so long as it is bold and is an accent against white or black.
In this room I have:
1. a small black bed
2. a black and white desk
3. a boring light brown plain wood dresser
4. and matching boring side table that has to sit next to dresser because there is no room next to my bed. they get the job done.
5. a blocked off door to hallway leading to the bathroom that has tons of hats and belts hanging from the frame, and 2 big shoe racks with a lot of shoes on them.
6. a tiny little closet that would be an awesome hiding space, except there is a window in it so i never change in there for fear of neighbors seeing me.
7. on the walls are pieces of art mostly done by me except the 4 Beatles portraits. Must find space for bulletin board.
8. 3 modern lookin lamps.
8. white walls.

this is my bedroom in my parents house, miles and miles and miles from here. it's soooo cozy. and about twice as big as the one i live in now, sigh.
mi casa

in this room i have:
1. 2 antique pretty bed frames.
2. an awesome Moroccan green side table with beautiful hand painted patterns all over it.
3. two huge dark brown bookcases on opposite walls stuffed with books.
4. my collection of vintage hats from my grandma, great grandma and great grandpa on top of the shelves.
5. my awesome screen printed poster from the "Summer of Love" 1969 with a rad illustration given to me by my dad. (He finds the BEST bday presents!)
6. my awesooooome 100 year old portrait of an old man with a huge nose given to me by my dad.
7. other art I have collected and have been given since i was a wee one.
8. 2 AWESOME old chests that remind me 1. of hope chests 2. of army chests 3. of pirate chests. And by chests I don't mean boobies.
9. antique dark wooden mirror hanging on the wall.
10. A super detailed antique carved dark wooden dresser that is soooo pretty.
11. 3 vintage and antique lamps.
12. warm orange walls.

Both rooms get the job done. The one i live in all the time here in Seattle is bright, crisp, and keeps me focused and motivated. And the one that i just get to visit every so often is so super cozy, smells like old and warm, and makes me smile and fall asleep in an instant. if either one were in the opposite place, it just wouldn't make much sense...for now...

My dad told me allll throughout high school that once I turned 18 I was on my own, aka I would be getting the boot out into the real world. And now, almost 5 years later, the silly man constantly hints that he would love having me at home again. He tempts me by calling to ask what color i want to have my room painted, or adds new elements to the room that he knows i would love: aka, the awesome carved dresser, the Moroccan table, vintage lamps, antique mirror... Sneaky sneaky. Would if I could but I cant. That town is too small for me, at least right now.

Reason for posting a picture of my bedroom? I need motivated to clean it. It is in utter chaos at the moment. YIKES.


Roxanne said...

Both rooms are so pretty, though I prefer the smaller one. It's fun to see what people do with a small space. Clean up girlie!

Chelsea said...

i also like both spaces, but my favorite is the first room. even though it's small, the colors are so cheerful!

Anonymous said...

cute cute! i love both spaces, but not for the same reasons. the seattle home is so bright and colourful, and i can see why it keeps you motivated. but the other room just looks oh so magically charming and cozy! so sweet of your dad to want you to move back.

Max said...

9. A DOPE money tree!

Christopher Seal said...

Actually, I just want you to keep in mind that you have a vacation home in Nevada City where you can visit whenever you want. :]

Christopher Seal said...

Actually, I just want you to keep in mind that you have a vacation home in Nevada City where you can visit whenever you want. :]

MiniMak said...


I love the Beatles artwork you have up! What is your favorite Beatles song?