NYPL Online Gallery

{ Daydream Drawing }

Thanks to Design*Sponge, I just discovered the NY Public Library Digital Gallery.
They have a HUGE database of incredible drawings, illustrations, images etc from hundreds and hundreds of years. I just spent my morning scanning the "700 years of Science" section. I LOVE scientific illustrations. I considered going into the Scientific Illustration field when I was in my last year of college. Maybe i'll do that when I'm older.
Anyway, these are a few illustrations I'd love to replicate and subjects I love to study for drawing.

want to draw: muscles
want to draw: geo formationswant to draw: shells
want to draw: constellations

ps, these AWESOME digital antique frames were designed by Kitschy Digitals.
They has tons of of great digital downloads for designing and digital scrapbooking.

ps, I'm signing off for the weekend. See you all on Monday!


Allie said...

Neat! I like the constellation one

生氣 said...