Rainbow Cake

{ Rainbow Power! }

My sister and her boyfriend made an AMAZING rainbow cake the other day.
Interested in learning how to replicate this? Check out her latest How To blog post!


Anonymous said...

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MeeshOne.Love said...

I dont think it could be any more perfect that the day I check out your blog the top post is a rainbow cake!! I love it! And now I'm wondering if I should make one too...if only there was natural food coloring that came in such vibrant colors! Looking forward to getting to know you better girl!
Peace. Respect. One <3.

Anonymous said...

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Chelsea said...

I love that cake! I want to try to make one soon!

Chelsea said...

I love that cake! I want to try to make one soon!

PixieMuse said...

Oh my god, that cake is so amazing!! Did it taste like E numbers and toxic stuff or did it taste yummy? I think I need to make one no matter what it will taste like, just to be able to look at it.

Melina said...

Oh my gosh! I have been wanting to know how people make this! YAY!!! I'm so excited to try it out!!!

MiniMak said...

This is insanely awesome!