Hey team.  I have been so exhausted this week, sorry I haven't posted much.  But good news!  (And a reason why I haven't blogged much in the past few days...) my band, The Mopes, are playing at Neumos in Seattle tomorrow night!
I am so excited.  Neumos is one of my favorite venues to see shows at.  If you live in Seattle or the Seattle area, come to our show!  I'm so exciiiiiited.  It will be awesome.


Roxanne said...

So exciting! Wish I was closer. Have a blast.

JanuskieZ said...

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Allie said...

I'll be attending! Are you guys the first to play? I want to know when to get there.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

that so awesome- wish i didn't live so far.
love your blog!

kiki said...

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