Vancouver Adventuring #2

Moi et Amber from Awbiously Awmber

Let us reflect on the Olympics together for a moment.
My roommates and I decided at the beginning of last week that we needed to get to Vancouver before the Olympics were over. In 4 and a half years of living in Seattle, I have never been to Canada! Seriously. So lame. It is only about 3 hours away, less of a drive than to Portland! So we decided to travel up north for the last day of the Olympics.

We had a mission.
Get to Vancouver early, find somewhere to watch the US vs Canada hockey game, then explore the city.

Upon arrival in another country, we had to take a picture. duh.
arriving in Canada!
and we had to try out some cheesy tourist mom hats.

I remembered that one of my favorite blog buddies, Amber from Awbviously Awmber, lives in Vancouver so we exchanged numbers and planned on meeting up once we were in Vancouver. I had never met up with a blog buddy before, and all of my friends were making fun of me. But they just don't know the the incredible blog friend community that I have become a part of over the past few months! My roomies and I met up with her and we all went to a sweet little independent theatre that was showing the hockey game for FREE. SO FUN. Except for the fact that beer is ridiculously expensive in Canada. a can of Pabst for $5? Geeze...

Here's Amber, me, and a chunk of crowd getting pumped after Canada scored the first point.
after Canada scored the first point in the US vs Canada hockey game.

It was great meeting up with Amber. She is rad. So you should probably read her blog. Just sayin'. After meeting her, my friends agreed that meeting up with a blog friend wasn't so creepy, aka, we all thought Amber was awesome. :)

I hoped that Canada would win the hockey game, even though I am American, because I didn't want to be in Vancouver with a bunch of cranky Canadians. I wanted to experience happy excited Canadians. And boy, that is just what we got.
Olympics!Vancouver Olympics Trip

After the game, my roommates and I quickly hopped on the sky train and went downtown. The streets were PACKED with people chanting, laughing, screaming, shouting, being excited and patriotic. It was so cute. We had to get a little bit of American patriotism in there too, just cuz. Ok, I was scared to even say I was American, but my roommates were all about it. haha
gotta represent the USA

The trip was so fun. And I realized that Vancouver is a pretty awesome place. It really is kind of this futuristic city made of glass. Vancouver, I'll be sure to visit you again. Sorry it took me so long to realize you are totally bomb.
Vancouver Olympics TripVancouver Olympics Trip



Allie said...

Great recap! So jealous!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh what a great photo! I can't believe the look on my face in that other picture. Oh my. But I'm so glad that we got to meet up and hang out, and I'm glad that you found that you liked Vancouver! Meaning, come visit me again!

Anonymous said...
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threesixfive said...

Looks like you had a TON of fun! I live in Michigan and am taking a trip to Toronto (4 hours away)for the first time in April and can't wait!!

Kempt said...

Oh my god, you're so hilarious!
Of course Pabst is going to be expensive, up here it's considered an Import! *smile*
If you'd indulged in any of the local brews..
I mean, out here, Keiths is 2.50$ all the time.. *sigh*
Because it's brewed out here. Yeeps.