Guess what guys, I am going to New York!
The artist I work for needs me and my friend Ian to drive out the latest enormous sculpture to New York in a big old 24 foot truck.  Crazy.  I have never driven anything bigger than my mom's old mini van, but I am so excited!  It will be a 5 day trip with lots of upper America to view in all it's glory.  We are planning on shooting as straight as we possibly can from Seattle to New York City and couch surfing all the way there.  We could be in for some interesting experiences...I'm thrilled.

The plan is 5 days of driving and little bits of sight seeing.  couch surf for sleeping arrangements.  arrive in New York and install the show. art opening. then hangout with my friends who live in New York for a few days.  end.  fly back to Seattle with a stop over in LA.  I lived in CA from age 8 to 19 so the stop over in LA doesn't particularly excite me.  Whatevs.

places i have been in the US.

So far, in my 23 - 6 years in the U.S. (I moved to England when I was 2 and back when I was 8) I have managed to see basically all of the West Coast and that is just about it.  I have been to Chicago 2 times and that's the extent of my travels in the U.S. beyond the West Coast.

I have lived and traveled to a few places in Europe so maybe that makes up for my lack of U.S. exploration.  Eh, no, not really.

places ive been in europe...so far

This U.S. road trip has been LONG overdue and I am so excited that I get the opportunity to go ...for free! Wahoo!  I have quite a few friends who live in NYC and I was planning on visiting this summer, but this is an even better option.  Last fall, I almost moved to NYC with my dear friend Jess but I couldn't afford it and I just couldn't give up the rad opportunities that I have here in Seattle, like working for John.  If it weren't for my job with John, I wouldn't be getting to go on this exciting trip!


Here is our plan of attack. Drive to the right until you hit that other ocean.  Above I have marked in pink the states I will have been to after this road trip.  Thats 9 more than I have been to so far.  Yay!

If you live in NY, I will be there with no plan and excitement bursting from my chest from May 10th to the 15th.  Let me know if you would like to get coffee, explore vintage shops, and/or see some sights with me.  I just bought my plane ticket from NY to Seattle today.  The reality is setting in and I am beyond happy.  Can you believe I have never been to NY before?  Who am I.


Morganism said...

I'm in Chicago, if you want to stop over for a hot minute!

Margaret said...

Yay Moorea! I can't wait for this! I'm excited for you:) You're going to have an amazing time! You're living the dream

Roxanne said...

Moorea, if you want to dip down into Colorado Springs, I'm more than happy to have you and Ian crash at our place. I'll even feed you! What an exciting trip!

Kendall said...

I have never been to New York, either. I'm envious (but also happy) that you get to go, and for such an awesome reason. Enjoy yourself!

Barnicles said...

ZOMG that sounds ossom!

i know its guna be hard work and tiring driving but jEALOUS!


andrea said...

You've only been to 4 states? Really? That surprises me because you seem so worldly. I guess you're about to work on becoming more Americanly... That's very exciting!

Laura Belle said...

sounds wonderful! so excited for ya...too bad, you're just skirtin' south of Minneapolis.

Couch surfing is such a blast. You meet the best people. :)

miss indie said...

I am so jealous after reading this post!! :]
I hope you have a fantastic time in NYC! I've always wanted to go there and will hopefully get the chance soon.
And you live in Seattle!! Ohmyyygosh I would love to live there.
have a lovely weekend doll! xo.

-Just- said...

awww, you're coming to my home state!! i hope you enjoy it. there's some awesome beauty here

Amy T Schubert said...

so so fun! Can't wait to see photos and hear stories ...

This is my favorite Road Trip resouce :

Maybe it can help?

Kyla Roma said...

This looks amazing! I can't wait to hear all about it! =D