And the Winner Is...

using the random number generator, I got #55 which is miss Elycia!
Congrats Elycia, you are now the proud owner of one of my mini book necklaces!

I love her blog and etsy shop.  
These are my two favorite headbands of hers:

And guess what!  You might even see a giveaway of some of her beautiful items on my blog in the coming weeks. Woohoo!

She's pretty freakin cute huh?  I'm sure this little necklace will look lovely on her :)
Maple wook Mini Book Necklace


Allie said...

I love her headbands!

thursday said...

Yea Elycia!

elycia said...

hooray!! i've been out all day! what a great surprise to come home to! also thanks for posting some pics of my headbands. you are very sweet.

Amarettogirl said...

Congrats and her designs are so great - so such a double luscious win win!