Being An Artists Assistant is BOMB

photo from the Stranger

The artist I work for, John Grade, is in Seattle's best newspaper today, The Stranger.
I am helping with his latest project and I am leaving tomorrow to go to Bellingham to participate in these awesome shenanigans:

"This Saturday in Bellingham, a parade of people will don a series of sculptures that have been on display at the newly renovated Whatcom Museum. They'll walk the sculptures down the streets of town and into Bellingham Bay, where the sculptures—24-foot, Seussian-looking white cones that waggle and sway in the slightest wind, made of a corn-based polymer and paper—will dissolve in 30 seconds. A videographer will be waiting underwater to capture those Ophelian final moments—that was the image that inspired this piece, called The Elephant Bed. (Its actual shape was informed by the microscopic algae that formed the white cliffs of Dover, where the piece originated last year in a residency at Fabrica in Brighton, UK. The white cones Grade made for Fabrica are long dissolved in the English sea; new ones were fabricated, and will disintegrate, in Bellingham. Next fall, he'll create another, related, installation—as if this one swam all that way—across the English Channel, in a gallery in Normandy.)" - Jen Graves, The Stranger

Today is one of those days when I sit back and think about how much I love my life and everything I fill my time with.  I love my life.  What today reminds you of why you should love your life?


Allie said...

People! I just ran into a guy who I wrote a story on, and it just filled me with joy to be in the moment with him and catch up a little bit and say thank you for making my job enjoyable.

elycia said...

i love my friends and family! they make me happy everyday and that makes me love my life. also my cats.

i'm soo excited to get my necklace!!! i love so many of the new items you added to your etsy too!

i don't know if this is just me but your rumination reading room button doesn't show up on my blog. i kept getting confused because i knew i added it but it was never there. haha.i've tried a few times and i finally just put up your other one.

thanks for adding my button!
ok, that was my longest comment ever i think. :)

Roxanne said...

I'm in awe. Your jobs is totally amazing!

PS. I left you a little something on the blog today ;) Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

cool project! I hope you had fun in B'ham...It's one of my favorite towns!