The Best Kind of Angst

i'm really attractive. bow chica bow wow.
I'm feeling super duper angsty in the best sense possibly.

I desperately want to create awesome stuff.  Desperately.  I want to achieve my dreams.  I want to be proud of what I create and I want to feel satisfied with the time that I put into my efforts.  SO, for Monday, April 5th, I am going to set a little list of goals.

1.  I will do a minimum of 3 rad illustrations with some sort of theme.
2.  I will list some pretty things on etsy.
3.  I will read an inspiring book.
4.  I will make a budget.
5.  I will sing and be merry, scream a little, jump up and down, maybe a little jumping jacks action, and be joyful that I have this crazy incredible angst that pushes me to believe I can be something if I try.

I can be something if I truly pursue what I love and love what I pursue.
Today will be a good day.

I think it is so important to remind yourself of why you are rad.  Everyone is awesome and has something about them that makes them a bad ass.  Tell me something about yourself that you think is rad.  I want to hear you brag about yourself because you are freakin' worth it!

 I love my passion and drive.
Question:  what about you do you love?


Kempt said...

Drive. I push myself relentlessly in all directions, making plans, lives, dreams, meals, loves and things. I work hard, and am so proud of the things I accomplish.

Allie said...

I love my deep appreciation for life and beauty. And also my sense of humor.

Alli Rense said...

I wish I had your kind of drive. I love my creativity and quick thinking.

Roxanne said...

I love my sense of nostalgia. It's my favorite thing in the whole world and while some people call that wearing your heart on your sleeve, I call it living live to it's fullest. Keep being Rad Moorea!

Michelle said...

Dude. This post rocks. :) I love your to-do list to pieces!

I have to say it's rad that I go after my dreams. Hubby pointed this out to me the other day when he said...most people have lots of ideas, but the difference is I actually follow through on those ideas. So, yay for rad-ness!

And you're rad. I'm new to your blog, but it rocks my socks, so I'll be back. :)

Barnicles said...

i love my energy and excitment, im always full of ideas and wanting to make things happen :)

great blog. i suffer from the angst too but its finding the positive!