Clean Out

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Right now I am going to clean my room and load up some bags of things I no longer want.  I already have 3 bags full of clothes and a hat full of jewelry.  I'm thinking it is time for a yard sale or ebay or something.  I just want to get rid of everything NOW and not have it hanging out in my room anymore!  (I don't like buffalo exchange or other trendy consignment stores because they only pay you like $3 for an expensive dress.  boo)

Vintage buyers, would you be interested in raiding my closet?

I am the queen of cutesy outfits but I am ready to shed that skin and fit myself into something new.  Who wants to buy some things from me? Has anyone ever sold stuff on Ebay?  I'm thinking of trying it out...


Morganism said...

Although I could probably fit one ass cheek in your clothing, I still want to see pictures. :)

Hey, friend, you following me? Please do. We'll follow each other in a circle, like a dog chases his tail. <3

Roxanne said...

I'm with Morgan, one ass cheek sounds about right! Have you considered a pop up shop right here on your blog?

Andrea said...

I've sold tons and tons of clothes on ebay in the past but I haven't had any luck with it in the past couple years. I think the only stuff that sells is brand new True Religion jeans or whatever.

I'd buy your clothes if they fit me, though!!

Margaret said...

I'd buy your clothes! Haha. What do you have?