Encouraging Words


This is one of my most favorite quotes.  It is from the character of Hermine in the book Steppenwolf.  If you have never read this book, you really should go buy it now.  It is so complex, I am still figuring it out months after reading it.

I have this quote posted on my wall in the bathroom.  I read it everyday and remember that, no matter what, I will always face difficult challenges.  I will always have to fight against something.  I won't always come out victorious but it is not the winning that matters.  Life is about appreciating the little moments and recognizing that the journey is what is meant to be enjoyed and cherished, not the end outcome.  Facing death, facing any fear in life is of course frightening.  But you can't live your life merely in fear, you have to let potential for failure and finality excite you.  Keep your goals and hopes high, knowing that not everything is attainable and set for completion.  Be excited that you have so many things to work for that they can't even be finished and contained within one lifetime.  Be alive, be strong, and do what you do simply because you are alive.  If you don't attain every dream you have ever had in your lifetime by the time you are grey and old, that is ok.  It just means you have a drive to really pursue an incredible amount of things.  Let your life goals list be so big that it can never be fully completed.  You will always have reason to work harder, be more passionate, stronger, more sincere, continually and truthfully you pursing being you, the complex and unique person that you are.  It is your effort that matters, not the end result.  Good things sometimes have to come to an end, but you being you, seeking joy in simply being alive and being you is a joy that will never go away.

I hope this brought you a little hope and comfort today my friends. :)
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Amarettogirl said...

Okay because of you I'm going to read this book and I have an inspirational quote for you too- just have to go find it and I will be back with it soon!

obsessed with moss said...

Doesn't that book make you want to listen to Motzart?