Getting to Know Me

1. When do you feel happiest?  Sometimes when I go on walks by myself and am listening to music like Laura Veirs, my heart feels really open to noticing the smallest most beautiful movement.  Sometimes just watching the water by the canal in Fremont with Sufjan Stevens singing through my headphones I feel beyond content and alive, genuinely happy.  I feel so incredibly happy after I have performed a really good set at a show.  And going to museums by myself, setting aside a few hours to soak up all the art, makes me so happy.
2. How do you take care of yourself?  Ironic...I am feeling a bit sick today.  I kind of suck at taking care of myself.  But I do really love to eat healthy fresh fruits and veggies.  Yum.  I am anemic and I really should be better at taking my Iron pills everyday and eating more dark meat (great source of Iron).
3. Are you internally or externally motivated?  I am a super internal processor, and an introvert, getting most of my energy from being alone.  But I think I really need external motivation to stay on top of things.  I have a big chart on my wall that has all my to dos, jobs, and such that is a constant visual reminder to me to stay motivated.
4. What do you do for fun?  Blogging is pretty fun haha.  I like to go hiking, snow shoeing, watch movies, go for walks alone, go to museums and galleries, and eat.  Oh man, I love good food.  And I love getting to spend time with my boyfriend and my sisters.  I wish they all didn't live 2 states away!
5. What intimidates you?  Seeing people my age who are way more successful than me in their art careers.  I expect a lot out of myself and I believe in my potential, but I can get pretty frustrated when I am not living up to what I feel I can be inside. 
6. What is something you are proud of?  I am proud of who my little sisters are.  I spent a good amount of my childhood and teenage years helping raise them.  There were a lot of things that I wanted to try, experiment with, and experience that I chose not to pursue because I wanted more to make sure that my sisters had a good example to look up to.  I am proud of myself for always wanting to be kind to them, and I am so proud of the beautiful strong young women that they are.  I love you sisters.
7. Finish the sentence: I never…appreciate a man who doesn't treat a woman as his equal and compliment.
8. Favorite vacation spot?  I used to go to Catalina Island with my family when we were little and loved it, minus the sunburns.  And I love hiking and kayaking in Lake Tahoe.
9. Today is a (rate from 1 to 10)  4?  I am feeling a little sicky, feeling a little down missing my sisters, grandparents, mom and dad, and boyfriend.  It is hard sometimes being states away from so many people that I care about.  But I am planning on doing some more trips to California this summer so I can see everyone :)
10. Finish the sentence: If you knew me really well you’d know… I absolutely despise arguing for the sake of arguing.  Don't argue just to argue, talk about the content and care less about your ego.  I respect it when people are interested in having discussions, but a clear discussion can only happen if both people are willing to have humility and be transparent.

Thanks Amy for this get to know you list!


Chelsea said...

I love this Q & A, especially your answer to #1. I can relate!

Awmber said...

This is so great!