A little Colorful Joy

Oh dear, I just had a pretty good cry listening to this beautiful song:

Some things bringing me comfort, warmth, and joy today:

*these illustrations by Beci Orpin.  (ps. her website design is perfect.)

The unofficial video blog of Mary-Kate.  lots of giggles watching this.

*wanting this book so badly by Kate Bingaman-Burt

*Incredible awesome crystals and lasers by Matt W.  Moore

*Everything Will Bryant makes is perfecto.

*Browsing Lisa Congdon's website is such a treat.

ps, you can see other things that i love here.  I collect lots of things and store them in a little ephemera collection. :)


Sarah said...

That Will Bryant painting is STUNNING. And Very Mary-Kate makes me lol drastically.

obsessed with moss said...

Have you ever seen the "no direction home" footage where bob dylan is talking lots of trash on donovan? its in that doc i think. anyway its really funny. i think he ended up liking him.

Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs said...

I love Very Mary-Kate! It always makes me laugh. :)