Oh California

I miss California and the little treasures it holds.  I miss my sisters, mom and dad, grandparents and boyfriend.  Its one of those days.  My friends are in Seattle, museums and galleries are here, music is here, jobs are here.  But I still miss my California treasures so much.  So much.
My sisters are my favorite.  I wish I could just snuggle up and watch a funny zombie movie with them and our kitties in our cozy living room.  I miss you guys and I love you <3

Who else loves their families?  Give me an AMEN!


konner said...

I love and miss my family, too. I haven't seen my sister in over a year. :(

Kendall said...

Amen! It's so hard having family far away (my parents and one of my brothers live in Georgia), but it makes the time your do get to spend with them that much more precious, I think.

andrea said...

Amen! My parents live in Monterey and Vancouver. My brother is closest but not close enough. I wish I could see them all every week. That would make my heart happy.