So Artsy, So Angsty

My new friend Morgan from Fits & Starts & Crafts and I are doing a little artistic trade and I am so so so pumped about the things that she is making me!  Morgan just recently started getting into painting and screen printing, and man, so far so good!  I love her style.  She is a natural.  She just finished one of her projects for me which is a portrait of me and my angst haha.  To see the full image, go here.
Ps, she also interviewed me about how I view angst and what it means to me.  The questions were really interesting for me to answer because I have never really questioned my angst as being good or bad.  Go check out her blog and read the interview! Don't forget to tell her I sent you! :)

Pps.  She also asked me to critique the piece which was actually really exciting for me to do.  I myself really enjoy it when people give me nice long critiques of my work.  When someone "critiques" your work, it isn't a matter of good or bad, pretty or ugly, like or dislike.  It is simply an opportunity to analyze what is working well and what needs to be more fully developed and altered.  A true artist should always be looking for some honest criticism.  How can you grow if you don't know what to be working on or changing?  For me, truly living means progressing and constantly seeking ways to improve.  And a good way to progress is to get some healthy and encouraging criticism.  I love critiquing art and encouraging other artists.  If you would like any criticism and thoughts about how to move forward in your art making, let me know!  I'd love to chat with you.  It's always nice finding new creative friends to chat art talk with, don't you think so too?

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