Basic Outline of the Trip

Oh, and to pair up with the last post, and to explain to you how I planned out my outfits, here is a list of what I did each day of the trip.  The clothes have to match the appropriate activities, right?

(oh oh, and I didn't take a picture of what I wore of the first day of driving because...I was wearing it.  The trip was 10 days technically.)  day (actually)1 Wed:  driving through Washington to Idaho

day 1 Thurs:  driving through Idaho and Montana to South Dakota
day 2 Fri:  driving through South Dakota and Minnesota to Wisconsin
day 3 Sat:  driving through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio to Pennsylvania
day 4 Sun:  driving through Pennsylvania, New Jersey to New York.  A few hours unloading 6 tons of sculpture pieces.
day 5 Mon:  all day building the sculpture
day 6 Tues:  all day building the sculpture
day 7 Weds:  all day building the sculpture
day 8 Thurs:  Brooklyn with Dan, Natural History Museum, & the Art opening! (hence, fancier outfit)
day 9 Fri:  MOMA, Meg's going away dinner at Trailer Park Lounge (hilarious bar), Staten Island Ferry with friends, Brooklyn with friends.
day 10 Sat:  Flight from NY to LA to Seattle!