Hey Hey Kyla!

Guess who I had breakfast with today.  My favorite blogger Kyla Roma!  We worked on 4 Little Pots together and have been blog buddies for awhile.  But she lives in Canada and I live in the U.S. so we have never met in real life ...until today!  Yippy for breakfast with Kyla and her Mister.  She is my second ever far away blogger friend I have met up with (my first far away blog friend meet up was with Awmber, who happens to be friends with Kyla in real life too!).  Kyla is adorable.  You should probably read her blog and love her.  Ps, it was her birthday yesterday.  Go say happy birthday!


Windsor Grace said...

I love her. She is so adorable and is just a magnetic person!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

She's how I found YOU! Like the reader trading. ;)

Awmber said...


Green Pickles said...

What a cool idea!