Idaho Montana South Dakota!

{ from on the road today! }

hello everyone!
well I am exhausted. we were on the road for about 17 hours yesterday! insane you say? quite possibly yes. we also decided to just sleep in the cab if the truck since we arrived in South Dakota around 2am, and we were planning to wake up this morning at 7am. let me tell ya, it was not the most comfortable rest I've ever gotten. it was probably one of the worst nights sleep I have ever had, or really, lack there of. I fell asleep maybe around 4 or 5 and slept solidly for about an hour or two. not so sure if it was worth saving $50 on a hotel room. we are not doing that again. but hey, now I can tell my future grandchildren, "your grandma was a badass and spent the night once in the cab of a truck while a snow storm rolled in and dusted South Dakota in snow." I am excited about all the silly stories I will to share with my future kids and grandkids. this will be one of them :)

so let me give you a quick run through of my favorite moments yesterday. it takes me a million years to type on my phone so I won't elaborate a ton right now, ill just give you the quick run down.
I saw my first ever tumble weed, though it was pretty small haha. we passed a sign for the "Testicle Festival" in Montana. I guess Chuck Palainuk, excuse the misspellings, went to the testic

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